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Join TheJediz Art Camp in a collaborative artistic vision with Meta Burn: The Bridge Experience - Recognized Universe of the Burning Man Multiverse, from August 31st - September 7th and beyond.  2020 has brought many changes to our society, including more online collaboration and a focus on art's convergence with technology.  Events and live shows have changed, and we embrace this year by showing our artwork and music in an enhanced dimension, showcasing the latest technology in Virtual Reality design, prototyping, and immersive experiences.

Featuring a premiere artwork and music release by Gucci Bass Featuring DJ Qbert, Pushing Lotuses, Franky Helix, Dani Maal, Gaej, MN8, Sara Phinn, Seven D, Travis Pope, Epic!, Miguelangelo Rosario, Mark Lee, Eluv, Joseph Nillo, Aiman Akhtar, Casey James, Dani Maal, Gucci Bass, Push Button Objects, Justin Davis, Ahmed El-Hofy, Adam Graetz, Life Is Art Studios, Alexey Mazover, Kaylee Oberfield and many more.

PLAYAVR2020 is a free program compatible with PC Desktops and PC VR (Virtual Reality HMD)

Virtual Reality production by ColorCalibrated and TheJediz.
Art Director/VR Producer: Anthony Bonnet, aka MN8
Meta Burn producers: XR Labs, Paul Bronstein, Juan Rivera, Jeffery Ferguson (Phoenix) https://metaburn.org/

Follow this project on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L3RN60
Contact me if you have music or artwork you think should be included in this.

Song Tracklist:

1) Pushing Lotuses - All Around the Universal to Find You
2) Seven D - 66.4
3) Gucci Bass Ft DJ QBert - Mindless Machine
4) Seven D - Hyperdimensional Fluid
5) Dani Maal - He Was Really Saying Something.
6) FTG - Untitled Eden
7) Seven D - Paradigm Shift
8) Pushing Lotuses - You Me Verse All Love
9) Seven D - Confluence
10) Pushing Lotuses - Twinkal Twinkal Little Stars
11) Gaej - Phoenix
12) Dani Maal featuring Grimes - You'll Miss me When I'm not Around

CC Attribution credits, used by permission from:
VW Bus by Warkarma - https://skfb.ly/6UoIr
Airship of the dead by Ipetty - https://skfb.ly/VZLz
Burning Man 2020 by Miguelangelo Rosario - https://skfb.ly/6UODA
Ancient Visitor by Miguelangelo Rosario - https://skfb.ly/VZLz
VR Cyberdelics by Miguelangelo Rosario - https://skfb.ly/ORWS
Interstellar Powerstation by Miguelangelo Rosario - https://skfb.ly/6rZop
Mushroom house by Pedram Ashori - https://skfb.ly/68vvC
Mechanical Monk by Pedram Ashori - https://skfb.ly/6rQ6p
Melodija 105 by - https://skfb.ly/6R6SK
Spiral Monkeybars by Brian Korsedal - https://skfb.ly/OzSV
Climbable 16 ft Geodesic Star by Brian Korsedal - https://skfb.ly/Ozz9
Lotus Zome by Brian Korsedal - https://skfb.ly/OKpZ
Stage for Airstream Park by Brian Korsedal - https://skfb.ly/ES69
40 Ft Dome by Brian Korsedal - https://skfb.ly/BOFt
Anh Nguyen - Apeinator - https://skfb.ly/6DUT8
"The Elephants" by Adan - https://skfb.ly/XYpr 
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PLAYAVR-V1.9.zip 3 GB

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file for PC, double click the PlayaVR2020.exe file to start.  Press V to change between Desktop mode and VR, Press F to toggle Fly and Walk, W-A-S-D movement in Desktop mode, Space to Jump. In VR Mode use right Trigger to teleport, Left D Pad to walk, Right D Pad Left or Right to Rotate in place 45 degrees, arrow keys to skip the music!


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Hey there, heard you need a vehicle got a cool Kart fully functional on PC and Oculus VR that I built, let me know if you can use it and how I can share it. You can drive it as a remote control or as a passenger. 

Thanks Francisco

Cool! lets do it!

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Hi Anthony, I am working on an enter vehicle exit vehicle function, right now it works only on begin play. I'm thinking of just setting it up so that you can choose to use the car or not, while in your VR world, does that make sense for you?  

Alexey Mazover told me about your super cool project and that my kart would integrate nicely. I would be able to send it to you as soon as I resolve this issue. Let me know if that works for you. 



Hey Francisco, great.  Just at me on Discord or coordinate with Alexey if I am not around, thanks!

Ok thanks'

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